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Pancakes & Piledrivers 3

April 6th, 2019 - Hilton Midtown Ballroom - NYC

ShaneFinal Match.jpg

Our WrestleMania, and our favorite show of the year! Sit down in your chair, eat some pancakes, and get ready for our third annual Pancakes & Piledrivers!


1. Moose def. Brian Cage, & David Starr

2. REVOLVER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP GAUNTLET MATCH: Team Tremendous def. LAX, Rascalz, Lucha Brothers, & Aussie Open

3. OPEN INVITE SCRAMBLE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: (c) Caleb Konley def. Manscout, John Skyler, Arik Cannon, Mance Warner, and others.

4. 4 Corner Mayhew: JT Dunn def. Sammy Guvera, AR Fox, & Ace Austin

5. IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: (c) Rich Swann def. Chuck Mambo

6. HOSS FIGHT SCRAMBLE: Fatu def. Jessicka Havok, Ace Romero, Larry D, Fallah Bahh, Madman Fulton, & Dan Maff

7. BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Tessa Blanchard def. RSP

8. Matt Cross def. Adam Brooks

9. 6 MAN TORNADO TAG: Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy def. oVe

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